Professor Dame Averil Cameron awarded Kenyon Medal

Professor Dame Averil Cameron

The OCBR is thrilled to announce that Professor Dame Averil Cameron has been awarded the prestigious Kenyon Medal by the British Academy for her lifetime contribution to the study of Byzantine history. 

Professor Dame Averil Cameron has spent her academic career focussing on the history, literature and culture of the Byzantine Empire and was one of the pioneers of revolutionising study of Late Antiquity.

Formerly Chair of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, Professor Cameron is still a member of the committee and an active and highly-valued member of the community of scholars and students working on Byzantine studies and related fields.

The OCBR is delighted by today’s announcement by the British Academy of the award of the first Kenyon medal to Professor Cameron - and thrilled to see an esteemed colleague‘s signal achievements being recognised in so important a way. Her energy and passion for her field continue to inspire colleagues and students alike and today's award is truly well-deserved.