Medieval History Seminar

Trinity Term 2021

Online, via Teams, on Mondays at 5pm

26 April

(Week 1)

’The Language of the Royal Service in Castilian Political Culture, c. 1275-1325’

Laurence McKellar, Exeter College

 3 May

(Week 2)

'Is Love in One’s Blood? Establishing Solidarities via Common Descent in Late Medieval Thought, 1250-1400

Jose Andres Porras, St Hugh’s College

Respondent: Professor David D’Avray, University College, London

10 May

(Week 3)

The Mozarabs And Their Neighbours: Mapping Communities in Medieval Toledo

Helen Flatley, St. Cross College

17 May

(Week 4)

Mechthild of Magdeburg: Mystic Writer, Political Commentator

Alice Spiers, St. Anne’s College

24 May

(Week 5)

The de festis Model Sermon Collection of Nicolas de Biard: Toward a Critical Edition

Antonio Marson Franchini, St. Cross College

Respondent: Professor Jessalynn L. Bird, St. Mary's College, Notre Dame University (Indiana)

31 May

 (Week 6)

Trust and Trade in the Late Medieval Mediterranean World

Panel: Annabel Hancock, Riccardo Liberati, Nicola Carotenuto

7 June

 (Week 7)

Visual and Verbal Narratives in the Eastern Roman Empire, 500–1400

Panel: Jonathan Wild, Will Kinsella, Dragana Van De Moortel-Ilić

14 June

 (Week 8)

Politics and Power Plays, c. 1000–1500

Panel: Tom McAuliffe, Richard Schlag, Ellie Birch, Laura Rosenheim

21 June

(Week 9)

Minds, Morals, and Martyrs in Medieval Communities

Panel: Mary Hitchman, John Merrington, James Miller, Elena Rossi

Convenors: Ian Forrest, Julia Smith, Benjamin Thompson, Emily Winkler