Awards and Grants Available

The Committee of the OCBR makes a number of Awards and Travel Grants each year

1.    OCBR undergraduate prize in Byzantine Studies
A prize of £100 will be awarded in 2020-21 for the best performance in Final Honour Schools in either Special Subject 3 (Byzantium in the Age of Constantine Porphyrogenitus, 919-59) or Further Subject 2 (The Near East in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad, 527-c.700).

2.    OCBR graduate prize in Byzantine Studies
A prize of £100 will be awarded in 2020-21 for the best best performance in either the Master of Studies or Master of Philosophy Examinations.

3.   OCBR AG Leventis Foundation and Stavros Niarchos Foundation Graduate Awards
The A.G. Leventis Foundation supports the OCBR with an AG Leventis Foundation Graduate Scholarship. The scholarship was most recently awarded in 2017, to Adele Curness.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation supports the OCBR with Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarships. These were awarded in 2019 to Joshua Hitt, James Cogbill and Brian Lapsa.

For further information, please contact the Director of the OCBR, Professor Peter Frankopan


4.    OCBR Studentship at the Lincoln Summer School 2021
The Lincoln Summer School in Greek Palaeography is held every two years to introduce graduate students working in Classics, Patristics, Theology, Biblical or Byzantine Greek to the study of Greek manuscripts in a series of ten classes, supervised by leading scholars in this field, including Georgi Parpulov, Nigel Wilson, Elizabeth Jeffreys, Alessandra Bucossi and Jeffrey Featherstone. The OCBR funds two studentships to the summer school. More information will be available soon about the next course, which will take place in 2021.

5.OCBR travel grants
Four travel grants up to a value of £250 each will be awarded to undergraduates, graduates or senior researchers who are members of OCBR or are studying for a higher degree at Oxford University to assist with travel relating to work in the field of Late Antique & Byzantine Studies. Preference will be given to graduate students. The grants will not be awarded for travel to or from conferences, and are intended to relate in the first instance to field work, including visiting collections directly relating to original research. To apply, please send a short outline of the proposed travel and study, along with a budget, to the Director of the OCBR, Professor Peter Frankopan and the Administrator, Rosalind Mitchell. Applications are considered at termly meetings of the Management Board.

6.    OCBR research grants
A number of research grants will be available in 2020-21 to members of OCBR and to post-graduate students studying at Oxford for assistance with their research. Funds of up to £500 will be awarded to help cover costs of inviting guest speakers to Oxford or organising conferences during the course of this academic year. The grants will be awarded by the board of OCBR at its termly meetings. To submit an application, please submit a proposal, to include an outline of the event, schedule of speakers, cost breakdown, details of funding sought from elsewhere to the Director of the OCBR.

7.    The Harrison Fellowship
The OCBR assists with the funding of The Harrison Fellowship, awarded each year in memory of the late Professor Martin Harrison, one of Oxford’s most distinguished archaeologists. The Fellowships are designed to assist Turkish scholars working in any area of the archaeology of Anatolia, from Pre-history to the Ottoman period, to visit the United Kingdom and Oxford in connection with their research work.

8.    OCBR Visiting Professorships
The OCBR periodically invites distinguished scholars to spend time in Oxford. Previous OCBR Visiting Professors have included Prof. Tony Cutler; Prof. Dimitris Krallis; Prof. Charles Barber; Prof. Wolfgang Hahn; Prof Johannes Pahlitzsch and Prof Claudia Rapp.