Professor Phil Booth


I gained a BA, MPhil, and PhD in Classics from Cambridge before moving to Oxford as a JRF in History at Trinity College in 2008. In 2011 I returned to Cambridge as a Leverhulme Post-doctoral Fellow and Fellow in Classics at Churchill College, before returning to Oxford in 2012 as the A.G. Leventis Lecturer, then Associate Professor, in Eastern Christianity (split 50/50 between the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Theology and Religion). I moved from Trinity to St Peter’s College, where I am now a Research Fellow, in 2018.

Research Area/s:

History of Christianity

Research Interests:

Ecclesiastical History, in particular the history of eastern Christianities in the eastern Roman empire, the Sasanian empire, and the caliphate in the fourth to tenth centuries.


Select Publications

  • The Ghost of Maurice at the Court of Heraclius

  • Debating the Faith in Early Islamic Egypt

  • "Liturgification" and Dissent in the Crisis of the East Roman Empire (6th-8th Centuries)

  • A Circle of Egyptian Bishops at the End of Roman Rule (c.600): Texts and Contexts

  • Towards the Coptic Church: The Making of the Severan Episcopate

  • Muslim conquests: The Chronicle of John of Nikiu (c. 690)

  • Images of Emperor and Emirs in Early Islamic Egypt

  • Maximos the Confessor

  • The Last Years of Cyrus, Patriarch of Alexandria (d.642)

  • On the Life of the Virgin Attributed to Maximus Confessor