Hilary Term 2020

(W1) 23 January Ginny Wheeler ‘Water and wealth: aquatic display in a late antique neighborhood at
Ostia (IV, III-IV)’

(W2) 30 January Carlos Cabrera-Tejedor ‘Archaeological excavations at the late antique basilica of Son
Pereto, Balearic Islands (Spain)’

(W3) 6 February Phil Stinson ‘Current research questions: The Temple of the Julio-Claudian
Sebasteion at Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity’

(W4) 13 February Roman Shlyakhtin ‘Stones, drones and renovations: current problems in the research
of the Land Walls of Constantinople’

(W5) 20 February Pamela Armstong ‘Excavations at the Monastery of Satyros, Constantinople, and the
birth of the Küçükyalı Arkeopark’

(W6) 27 February Bryan Ward-Perkins ‘The saints in the mosaics of Ravenna’


(W7) 5 March Hugh Jeffery ‘Byzantine Aphrodisias: the archaeology of a medieval community’


(W8) 12 March Catherine Vanderheyde ‘The many sides of Byzantine sculpture: textual sources,
materials, techniques, ornamental and anthropomorphic motifs’