Michaelmas Term 2019

17 October Sophie Moore‘ The Other Çatalhoyük: Historic Cemeteries and Cultural Memory’
24 October Ivan Drpić ‘Snatch Me Away from the Drunkenness of Passions’: Byzantine Devotional Pectorals and the Practice of Prosochē’
31 October Manana Odisheli ‘Georgia in Late Antiquity: Literary and Material Culture’
7 November Elodie Powell ‘Mosaics and Memory: Late Antique Figured Funerary Mosaics from North Africa’
14 November Grace Stafford ‘Adornment as Public Spectacle in Late Antique Art and Culture’
21 November Rowena Loverance ‘The Day the Sun Stood Still... Representations of Joshua in Late Antique, Byzantine and Crusader Art’
28 November Kyriakos Fragoulis ‘Economic and Urban Realities in Late Antique Dion (Greece) through the Ceramic Evidence’
5 December Miroslav Vujovic ‘Early Christian Burials in Sirmium: Recent Finds