Hilary Term 2020

Convened by Marek Jankowiak and Marc Lauxtermann

Wednesdays at 5 PM, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, 66 St Giles’


(W1) 22 January      Péter Bara (Szeged) ‘Leo of Chalcedon: A debating canonist?’

(W2) 29 January      Aslıhan Akışık (Wolfson) ‘Late Byzantine and early Ottoman literary representations
of Constantinople’

(W3) 5 February      Nikos Zagklas (Vienna) ‘Vitriolic attacks in twelfth-century Byzantium: Poetry,
satirical strands, and intellectual antagonism’

(W4) 12 February      Roman Shlyakhtin (Mainz) ‘Last border of Byzantium? Byzantine-Seljuk border
zone in lower Sakarya valley from Komnenoi to Palaiologoi’

(W5) 19 February      Constantin Zuckerman (Paris) ‘On the History, improperly styled “Secret”, of Nicetas
of Paphlagonia, and the power of anathema over books’

(W6) 26 February      Alexander Mallett (Tokyo) ‘Christians, Turks, and the origins of the First Crusade’

(W7) 4 March          Alexander Riehle (Harvard) ‘Is textual criticism dead? A report on the forthcoming
edition of Nikephoros Choumnos’ letter collections’

(W8) 11 March          Andras Nemeth (Vatican) ‘The Excerpta Constantiniana and the editor of the
fragmentary historians: New fragments from Dexippus and Polybius’