Trinity Term 2021

Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar


WEDNESDAYS at 5pm (GMT) on Google Meet:


28 April (Week 1) Przemysław Marciniak (Katowice), Of Fleas and Men: Byzantine Cultural Entomology

5 May (Week 2) Christophe Erismann (Vienna), Why do Methods Change? On the Significance of 815 for Byzantine Thought

19 May (Week 4) Daria Resh (NYU/Athens), What is in the Bath: Pilgrims, Brides, and Baptism in the Early Byzantine Passion of Barbara

26 May (Week 5) Krystina Kubina (Vienna) and Nathanael Aschenbrenner (Princeton), Word as Bond in an Age of Division. John Eugenikos as Orator, Partisan, and Poet

2 June (Week 6) Grace Stafford (Oxford), Veiling and Head-Covering in Late Antiquity

9 June (Week 7) Karen Hamada (Tokyo/Oxford), Who wants a union? Rethinking the negotiations between the Armenians and the Byzantines for an ecclesiastical union in the 12th century

16 June (Week 8) Michiel Op de Coul (Tilburg), Theodore Prodromos: Towards an Edition of his Letters and Speeches



  • You will need a gmail account to join.
  • Talks will be c. 40 minutes long, followed by half an hour of discussion.
  • Please join the seminar promptly.
  • Please remember to mute your microphone during the talk, but ideally leave your camera on, and please use it when asking questions.
  • We recommend the Sidebar layout for the talk and the Tiled layout for the discussion (you can change them by pressing on three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen).
  • In order to ask a question raise your physical or electronic hand, or post your question in the chat.

All welcome!

Conveners: Marek Jankowiak (
and Marc Lauxtermann (